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Bi-Annual Meet & Greet:

Agency Executive and Legislative Assistants​, March 8, 2019

Sponsored by: The Washington State Executive Assistants Group (EAG)

Thanks to the efforts of the Reception chairs, Melanie Hisaw & Denise Ross, and their team of volunteers, the 2019 EA/LA reception was a success! 
Attendees enjoyed the networking bingo game once they had their fill of the amazing refreshments available. One of the Legislative Assistants commented that EAG had the absolute best food they've had at an event so far this year!
Six people won prizes throughout the event. People were eagerly listening as ticket numbers were called out.
EAG member desiree Monroy was surprised when she returned to her desk after the reception. One of the LAs she met during the reception had already reached out to her and thanked her for being at today's event. 
Relationship building is essential in good working teams, so EAG considers the reception necessary to bridge between agencies and legislative members. 
Thank you to co-chairs Melanie Hisaw and Denise Ross. Thank you also to EAG members that assisted planning, preparing, baking, setting up and cleaning up! Shout out to Leslie Pope, Xyzlinda Marshall, Stacy Conway, Kristin Ritter, Lindsay Matthews, Beverly Ubias and Amanda Martinez.

Michelle Davis, ED for SBOH and LA Toni Camp (Rep. Paul Harris office)

Reception Team

EAG members after completing set up.


A long table full of colorful food.


Healthy options included fruit and vegetables.

EAG Swag Bags

EAG provides swag to attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Survival Kit

This card was included in the gift bags.

Survival Kit

Items included in the survival kit included protein drink, coffee, emergen-c, advil, granola bar, chocolate and gum!


Legislative assistants working on their Bingo cards.


Attendees pause to pose for a picture.

table

As people entered, EAG members greeted them.


EAG member Lindsay Matthews networks.


EAG member Melanie Hisaw networks.


Small round tables helped attendees have big conversations.


Attendees from the Governor's office were in full force for the event.


Attendees network.


EAG members desiree Monroy and Amanda Martinez welcome the group and draw for door prizes.

EAG members

EAG members Lindsay Matthews and Amanda Martinez pause to pose!

Door prize

EAG member Melanie Hisaw poses with winner of one of the coffee door prizes.


The reception was well attended for a snowy Friday.

Door Prize

Door prize winner poses.


EAG member Denise Ross networks.

Door Prize

Winner of the EAG 25th commemorative box poses.

Door Prize

Winner of the large door prize poses.

Handshake 1
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