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EAG Event Summer 2019

EAG hosted the event of summer celebrating the adoption of bylaws expanding membership. Membership now includes all executive assistants supporting the head of an agency or elected official in the executive branch, including all sub-offices and agencies under authority of a board, council, or commission, reflected by the entirety of the Washington State Government Organizational Chart prepared by OFM annually. To celebrate, EAG provided members a lunch break and networking at the event of the summer.

Dynamic business environments require innovation. A not-for-profit business league representing state government executive assistants does as well. Organizations require exceptional quality of leadership and processes if they are to renew themselves and become receptive and motivated enterprise able to sustain success. EAG members opted for inclusion when assessing the future prospects of the group at large.

Members of EAG spent considerable time working together on organizational renewal, and EAG board members showed that they could effectively handle the challenges and prospects that might come up in a mature organization. They listened to members, opened up opportunities for sharing opinions, and they contracted a facilitator to help the group negotiate changes.

At the heart of the issue is defining the culture of EAG. Are executive branch assistants’ working on similar work as those supporting elected officials? Very likely. Can we build, train, and learn from each other? Always. More specifically, how do we all work together to support our State’s leadership? After putting aside conversations of process and implementation, the group was able to focus on the best of outcomes. The best of outcomes included stronger, clearer, and more focused organization that supports networking, sharing best practices and learning.

The updated bylaws that reflect greater inclusion into the group passed with a majority vote, inviting new members to participate in the group. To celebrate this successful organizational change, EAG offered a lunch networking opportunity to members on August 21, 2019.

Despite the rainy Washington day in an otherwise pleasant August, members gathered under canopies and shared sandwiches, salads, veggies, and dessert. Members left with EAG swag and full bellies, returning to their offices refreshed and renewed.

Thank you to Melanie Hisaw, EAG Chair, for leading this event. Kudos to event volunteers Lindsay Matthews, Kristin Ritter, Stacy Conway, desirée Monroy, and Xyzlinda Marshall.

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